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Conducted personally by the partners, we work with a team of experienced professionals in the market, with high analytical capacity to capture macroeconomic trends and long-term vision. We use this knowledge to understand the needs of each family or investor, their strategic goals and objectives, and chart the most effective way to reach them.

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Started in 2009, our focus is to offer the best benefit and comfort to our clients providing balance in their social and financial projects. With no conflict of interest, transparency in collection and differentiated costs, we set up customized and balanced portfolios with smartly-taken risks to generate concrete opportunities according to each profile, taking into account efficient tax and tax solutions.

We have also combined a national and international market view in our assessments and decisions with the support of one of the country’s leading financial consultants, Rosenberg Associados – an institution recently awarded by Reuters in the highest degree of assertiveness in the macroeconomic scenario in Brazil.

Our structure and experience allow us to include all kind of services to be prepared to manage, organize and maintain your assets.

We are an independent company and we take care with respect and exclusive dedication of each one of our clients.

Partners with market experience

We use our expertise and economic vision to create customized solutions with maximum management efficiency with access to differentiated products and services.

The Investment Process

See below a step by step to understand our initiatives.

  • 1
    Knowing You

    Together we define strategic goals and objectives, verifying the need for governance, cash flow and budget.

  • 2
    Feel Safe

    We do the complete tax planning. We check the need to change tax domicile and review insurance and retirement plans.

  • 3
    Check by Yourself

    Access customized consolidated reports, aggregate data by assets, class and currencies. You can also view reports with a macroeconomic scenario from Rosenberg Associados.

  • 4
    Customized for You

    Macroeconomic vision and active management, construction of local and international portfolios, constitution and management of funds and structures.

  • 5

    Banking, legal and accounting services. Fiduciary administration, controlling and custody, execution of orders and negotiation of costs.

  • 6
    It’s Your Patrimony

    Family Governance and creation of decision-making structure, family meetings, monthly meetings and audit of accounts.


A Rosenberg division dedicated to meet the unique needs of professional athletes and artists.

Financial advice for each stage of your career.

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Guides and Policies

The principles, concepts and values that guide the conduct ethics of partners, employees and employees involved in the activities of Rosenberg Investimentos.


For a more transparent and reliable management.

  • Risk Management Committee

    Responsible for defining the market, operational and liquidity risk policies and procedures applicable to the Portfolios under management, as well as the deliberation on the guidelines, strategies and limits for risk taking.

  • Investment Committee

    The national and international scenario is discussed in detail until we reach the impact on the portfolios and eventual changes of position.

  • Credit Committee

    Evaluates new investment products based on credit analysis, rating, return rates, portfolio quality, expected loss indexes. It also analyzes and evaluates the credit limits established for each portfolio and fund.

  • Macroeconomics Committee

    It discusses in detail the economic situation and the construction of scenarios for macroeconomic projections. For this purpose, it uses the consulting services of Rosenberg Associados (projection of the main market indices).

  • Compliance Committee

    It is responsible for defining and verifying compliance with internal control policies. It also participates in the viability study of new products or services to be provided, collaborating to identify and mitigate risks of the product.

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